HelloooooI'm Belinda , Prefer Bel though. I am Eighteen Years Old:P haha , I'm from Beautiful Melbourne :) Curruntly in my last year of school wew! , tumblr is life tumblr is god aha bit of a failed attempt there at being funny anyways feel free to chuck me a message anytime! and you should , I repeat you should chuck me a follow and I will be of course return the favour by following you back always!! :) I hope you enjoy my little tumblr page , Don't be a stranger now!


Summer nights. #9gag



*concerned white parent voice* sweetie don’t write on yourself you can get ink poisoning


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Honey, I’m not jealous. You can have him. I’ll warn you though…if you stop being fun for even a day, his eyes will start to wander. Call me in a year and we’ll grab a drink. (via sexsplosive)

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